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Have you bought a new apartment or decided to repair it in the old one?

Has it come to the design of the hallway?

Welcome to Faur Mobila!

We are more than 12 years engaged in the production of home furniture, and the creation of cozy and functional hallways is one of our favorite occupations.

Where to hide the shoes? How to place not only shoes, but boots? Where to hang coats and jackets? Where to hang a mirror so it was convenient to look at yourself before going out, so that the light would fall right? Where to put an umbrella? How not to search all the time for keys?
We know the answers to all these questions.

We will produce for you a hallway according to individual design, which ideally fits into your apartment.

You will be able to hide your shoes in a chic shoe cupboard that does not take up much space, hang all your outer clothing in a stylish wardrobe, wear shoes easily on a comfortable pouf or sofa and look with pleasure in a mirror that effectively fits into your interior.

We will offer you interesting and non-standard furniture options and will please you with good prices and excellent quality.

Chests, cabinets, hangers, shoe cabinets, shelves and mirrors, stands for umbrellas - all this we produce from exclusively environmentally friendly materials.
We convinced you?

Then all you need to do is call 068817771, and our specialist will come to you!