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Living rooms

The living room is the heart of a home, the place that gathers together the whole family.

Whether we are talking about an apartment or a house, the living room performs many functions in our living space. It is the area where we spend most of our time together, where we meet the guests, we work, have dinner, relax watching TV or warm up at the fireplace.

If in the past the decoration of the living room involved buying a sofa, two armchairs and wall furniture, today we want the living room to be more functional, more comfortable and last, but not least, with a more individual design.

To decorate the living room, according to the tastes and needs of our family, we have to appeal to the specialists in the field, who will give us a perfect solution.

Faur Mobila produces, according to individual design projects, the entire range of furniture for the living room: TV stands, shelves, cupboards, coffee tables, upholstered sofas, dining sets and many other non-standard furniture items.

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